Consumerism and the environment

Consumerism is the primary driver of all the crises facing our civilization today. The average American today consumes like we have 4 planets and leaves a carbon footprint 10 times that which is sustainable. It is not only the Americans though. As seen below, the richest 10% of the world population account for almost 60% of global consumption.

In addition, it is a fact that we are already consuming 50% over our sustainable limit…

Thus, the top 10% of the global population actually consume about 90% of the resources that the earth can sustainably provide. Wow…

Therefore, if everyone consumed like the top 10%, the earth could house only 780 million people (9 times less than the current population). On the other hand, if that 10% were not here, the earth could accommodate another 4.2 billion people in addition to the remaining 6.3 billion and still live sustainably.

That is the massive effect of consumerism…

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