Consumerism and happiness

So, thus far we have seen that consumerism leads to major ecological, economic and societal problems, but has still managed to become completely ingrained into our way of life. There must be a good reason for this and, if the advertising industry is to be believed, this reason must be euphoric happiness through consumption.

Unfortunately though, research has clearly shown that developed nations are not becoming any happier despite them consuming like we had 4 planets and leaving carbon footprints 10 times that which is sustainable.

It has even been shown that very happy people are on the decline with rising consumption, especially among women.

So, in effect we are killing our planet, ruining our economy and creating massive social inequality all for no reward whatsoever. And, as discussed quite often on this blog, this massive over-consumption also ruins our health, personal finances and creative capacity.

I don’t know about you, but to me this qualifies as utter insanity. We desperately need to break out of this very dangerous and self-destructive cultural trance.

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