You have the power

Most world citizens today rely blindly on government and science to rescue us from the plethora of crises heading our way. Government will magically fund the widespread deployment of the magical renewable energy infrastructure that our scientists will magically develop when the time comes. In addition, they will magically stimulate the economy back into life through printed money and magically give everyone a well-paying job. Then they will magically increase all forms of benefits to look after the unemployed and grant everyone a comfortable retirement. Yeah right…

The problem is that government has no money. They can only take money from us (taxes), print more money (which just another tax) or borrow money (effectively taxing our children). In addition, they can only use the money they take from us (or our children) in ways that we approve. If they don’t, we simply vote them out.

So, since the vast majority of us are flat broke, government is also flat broke and most western economies are running huge budget deficits. Also, the vast majority of us just want to continue consuming and will vote out any government that wants to implement the required spending cuts.

What we need is a government that will firstly balance the budget and secondly use that balanced budget to tackle our massive environmental, economic and societal problems. But the fact is that, before the general populous demands this, nothing will be done. Balancing the budget has to be the first step on the agenda and, for Americans, Ron Paul is their only hope for getting this done.

Ron Paul might now be retiring, but his legacy lives on through the millions of people he inspired. Only the the electorate has the power to elect some of these people to positions of influence. You have the power. Use it. 

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