Designing an intelligent living environment

Have you ever wondered why the world is getting fatter and fatter by the day? And have you ever thought about how this is even possible considering that…

  • Everyone is aware of the health implications of obesity (it shortens life by an average of 20 years)
  • A slender and healthy body is very highly valued within our society
  • Everyone knows that healthy diet and exercise results in a healthy body
  • We have more scientific information on health and fitness available to us than ever before

If everyone knows these things, then how on earth do we end up with an overweight trend as shown below? Why on earth do Americans continue to consume 50% more calories and exercise 4 times less than is recommended?

Well, the answer can simply be found in the macro-environment within which we live our lives today. The fact is that our environment literally screams at us to binge and stagnate. Highly convenient, empty calorie foods are all around us, the advertising industry shouts at us to consume more and more every single day, our jobs consists of sitting behind a desk all day long and our lives are totally centred around our cars. Healthy living within this environment truly is as unnatural as a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

For this reason, the One in a Billion project centers all of its recommended action steps around the construction of intelligent new micro-environments within this self-defeating macro-environment we live in today. The purpose of this environment is really simple: to make happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable living as easy and natural as at all possible. You will hear a lot more about this concept in coming posts. 

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