The action plan

OK, now that we finally have all of the formalities out of the way we can get to the really important stuff: the practical action steps towards building yourself a happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable life. The current version of this action plan is subdivided into 10 main categories, each of which will take quite a few posts to convey.

Three additional posts will follow at the end of each main category: one to estimate the potential impact that widespread adoption of this action step can have on our various global crises, one that will estimate the personal benefits that these action steps will bring to the one implementing them and one that discusses the resistances people experience to making these vital lifestyle changes. These estimates will be broken down as follows:

Crisis mitigation:

  • Climate change – carbon footprint reduction
  • Resource depletion – ecological footprint reduction
  • Economic crisis – sovereign debt reduction
  • Social inequality – increase in social mobility
  • Societal complexity – reduction in interdependence and increase in adaptability

Personal benefits:

  • Health – increase in functionality of body/mind and longevity
  • Wealth – increase in earning power and financial resilience
  • Happiness – joy in day-to-day living and overall life satisfaction


The resistances to change we experience will be described according to the general One in a Billion theory: the current macro-environment we live in simply makes happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable living totally unnatural. These posts will simply discuss this point in more detail especially as it pertains to each particular category of action steps.

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