Getting your healthy food home

So, how do you do your grocery shopping? Statistically speaking, chances are pretty good that you use the method that simultaneously kills the planet, kills your health and kills your budget: single-person-in-car. Unfortunately, our macro-environment is built totally around our cars and changing this habit can be difficult. Not impossible though…

By far the most effective and, as we will later see, the most environmentally friendly way of buying groceries is to order your groceries from a delivery service. The primary advantage of the grocery delivery service is that they will get your shopping list into your home without succumbing to any temptations along the way. In addition, it soon becomes incredibly convenient because your shopping list gets saved on-line allowing you to literally do your shopping in a single minute. It also often works out cheaper than the usual method if you factor in fuel costs, wear and tear on your car and the extra cost of all of those “bargains” we keep on running into at the mall. Get on the internet and look for such a service in your area. You may just be very glad that you did.

If no such service is available, however, you have to do the shopping yourself. If at all possible, do the shopping at a local supermarket you can walk or cycle to. Getting your healthy food home while actually moving your body is good in every way. Get yourself a nice bicycle with a trailer for the weekly groceries or take a jog to the supermarket every second day and get some nice exercise carrying the bags back home.

In the rare event that driving to the mall really is your only option, please do not succumb to any of the temptations that our macro-environment shoves in your face. Have a clear list of things you want to buy, invest some extra effort to arrange this list according to the path that you usually take through the hypermarket, walk in, pick up everything on your list, pay and

walk out. Time yourself from the moment you leave the car to the moment you and your food are back in the car. Aim to set a new record every week 🙂

It really is incredibly important that you get a whole bunch of healthy food into your home every week for one simple reason: your home is the epicenter of your healthy micro-environment. If your fridge is filled with healthy foods, chances are pretty good that you will eat healthily most of the time. If your fridge is filled with junk food, however, chances are 100% that you will succumb to the SAD (standard American diet). Make very sure that this environment is set up properly. It forms the basis for what is to come…

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