Enjoying your healthy food

Up to now, I have not tried to give any specific instructions with regards to the specific foods you should buy and I’m not going to start doing that now either. Even though I will provide some specific details about my own nutritional environment later on only as an example, the specific foods you buy will depend on you and you alone. 

It is absolutely essential that you enjoy eating the healthy foods that you bring into your home. And to make that happen, you need some good recipes. Now don’t worry, I’m definitely not suggesting that you have to become a gourmet chef, but you have to learn a few quick, healthy and delicious recipes. The most complete resource on this topic that I’m aware of is aptly called “The World’s Healthiest Foods” and contains many such recipes as well as a whole lot of vitally important information on healthy eating and cooking. Otherwise, just type “quick healthy recipes” into Google to find tons of options. And if you really want to do this right, enroll in a healthy cooking course. 

Your resulting collection of quick and easy healthy recipes will form a central part of your nutritional environment simply because they will actually determine the foods on your shopping list. Yes, this will need a little bit of study and practice in the kitchen, but trust me; this small investment will pay for itself a thousand times over in the future. Just do it. You may just be surprised at how much you actually start enjoying it when the pieces of your new nutritional environment really start to fit together.

An obvious additional implication of this part of your nutritional environment is to totally abstain from junk food. Convenience is a big selling point of fast food and the primary reason for this is simply because the vast majority of us are totally useless in the kitchen. If you equip yourself with only five or six healthy and delicious recipes that you can whip up in 15 minutes from the wide range of healthy ingredients that now populate your fridge and cupboards, you will suddenly find that you have totally eliminated your dependence on junk food. 

We seriously need to take back control over what we put in our bodies. As seen above, people are totally losing the skill of preparing their own food. This is a significant problem simply because the vast majority of ready-made food available within our macro-environment today is very unhealthy. It is the job of the micro-environment you now are creating to protect you against this evil.

You are what you eat. Take control. Eat healthy. Be healthy.

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