Structuring your healthy nutritional environment

When talking about diet and exercise, structure is always a challenging area; you definitely need some structure, but you don’t want too much of it either. Highly structured, calorie-counting diets just feel too mechanical – like you’re a robot that needs to recharge on a strict schedule – and take all the joy out of eating. Humans are not robots and I expect that to be the reason why 90-95% of all diets fail and the world keeps getting fatter despite the massive amounts of money we waste on dieting. 

The One in a Billion approach will not advocate any calorie counting, simply because I believe that it is physically impossible to be overweight if you live within an environment exclusively filled with nutrient-dense whole foods and lots of automatic and fun exercise (to be discussed later). The only structure to be discussed here will therefore be your meal schedule. And yes, what follows below is more of a guideline than a rule. As always, you are totally free to adapt this plan to fit your own situation.

1. Morning tea – A cup of herbal tea right after you get up to kick-start the system and get rid of any toxins that built up during the night. 

2. Breakfast – A generous helping of high-fiber grains/fruits/berries with some vitamin-rich beverage to get your digestive system working optimally and provide a good burst of energy for the day. 

3. Mid-morning snack – A small portion of nuts/seeds/dried fruits to keep your blood sugar level constant while simultaneously loading up with some handy nutrients. 

4. Lunch – A generous helping of protein-rich food to provide the building blocks for cell repair and muscle development happening throughout the day.

5. Afternoon snack – Some fresh fruit whenever you feel hungry.

6. Dinner – This must be much smaller than is the norm today and preferably include lots of raw vegetables to give your digestive system a break and ensure a good night’s sleep. 

7. Evening tea – A small cup of herbal tea as you wind down for the night to relax and help neutralize any stray free-radicals still causing damage to your cells.

8. Water – Always have a bottle of water at hand and hydrate continuously throughout the day. 

9. Green drink – Use any time as a hunger-buster and after any period of vigorous exercise to neutralize any lactic acid that built up in your muscles. 

If you manage to set up your environment in such a way that these nine points just fall into place every single day, you will really be hard pressed to ever put on weight or get sick. However, maintaining such a pattern can be challenging at first within our self-destructive macro-environment with its sugary breakfast cereals, empty calorie snacks, white bread, total coffee addiction, large fatty dinners and late-night snacking in front of the TV. 

You will therefore have to put in special effort to ensure that this healthy environment becomes as easy and natural as at all possible. We’ll take a look at that tomorrow.

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