Nutrition example: Nutritional environment introduction

The next few posts will outline the healthy nutritional environment that I have built for myself using the principles communicated in the previous six posts. This practical example should make the implementation of a similar environment in your own life quite a bit easier. But just in case you are still unconvinced about this strategy, please consider the following:

I am a workaholic research scientist spending most of my life in front of a computer (the typical stereotype of me is shown below). Fortunately, however, I discovered the power of creating a healthy living environment very soon after the start of my professional career and, as a result, I have never been overweight and have not been sick for the last 1200 days. Not too bad for a computer nerd, right?

Now I definitely do not claim my particular living environment to be perfect (it will probably be under construction for the rest of my life), but it should be a good case to use as an example for building your own environment according to your own situation and preferences. Everyone’s ideal living environment will be unique and it is completely up to your own initiative and creativity to customize it to fit your own life.

We’ll start tomorrow with a look at the most important foods that make up my nutritional environment.

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