Nutrition example: Enjoying breakfast

It is absolutely essential for the maintenance of your healthy nutritional environment that your healthy meals are both practical and tasty. If not, you will find yourself reverting back to your old unhealthy ways very soon. The next few posts will therefore share some of the quick, tasty and healthy meals that I base my healthy environment on.

We’ll start at the most important meal of the day: breakfast. First of all, eating a hearty breakfast is an absolute must to start up your metabolism for the day. Skipping breakfast means low energy, weight gain (from low metabolism) and sub-optimal health.

The things you need from breakfast are some slow-burning carbs, a good deal of fiber, a bit of protein and as much nutrients as possible. And no, the standard combo shown above simply does not cut it.

Personally, I alternate between two very simple recipes. Well, you can’t really call them recipes, but anyway, here they are:

Option 1:

High fiber cereal (e.g. All Bran flakes)

Soy or oat milk

Fresh blueberries

Hemp seeds

Simply heat up the All Bran flakes with the milk in the microwave and add the blueberries and hemp seeds afterwards. I used to simply eat All Bran flakes with normal milk and sugar for a long time, but the addition of blueberries and hemp seeds really does some strange and wonderful magic to this mix. This combination truly is one of the tastiest things I have ever known. And yes, blueberries and hemp seeds are also two of the healthiest things on this earth. They also freeze well, so it helps to stock up when it is blueberry season.

Prep time: a few seconds. Cook time: 3 minutes in the microwave.

Option 2:

Fruity muesli

Flavored yoghurt

Fresh raspberries

Crushed flax seeds

This is another extremely tasty mix filled with fiber and nutrients. Again, the berries and the seeds are the key. They simply take the taste (and the nutritional value) to a whole new level.

Prep time: a few seconds. Cook time: zip.

I usually have a blueberry drink or a glass of the green drink we will discuss later on with either of these two breakfast options to round off a perfect mix of nutrition, practicality and taste. 

Yes, the seeds and the berries are not standard and they might be a little harder and more expensive to get hold of, but trust me; they are totally worth it. I can really kick myself that I have not started this years ago already.


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