Nutrition example: Lunch recipe 3 – Hemp seeds

No, I’m not talking about weed (Cannabis indica) here. I’m talking about its cousin, Cannabis sativa, perhaps the most complete superfood on the planet. 

The nutritional profile of hemp is truly miraculous. It contains a wide range of micro-nutrients, essential fatty acids, fiber and protein. Its protein content is especially impressive – around 30% of its weight. Also, while most plant protein sources do not contain all 8 essential amino acids the body needs, hemp does. 

Thus far, I have not managed to uncover a single negative health fact about hemp. Really the only negative about it is its price and availability. Hemp can be quite expensive and is only available at specialized health food outlets or online stores. It certainly is worth the effort though.

Using the seeds directly in your morning cereal as described in a previous post is a good and delicious start, but there are many other ways in which you can incorporate hemp into your diet. My favorite quick, healthy and tasty hemp recipe is the hemp porridge discussed below:

Melt about 25 g of butter in a pot on the stove (avoid the dangerous trans fats in cheap margarines).

Add one cup of whole wheat flour, half a cup of hemp flour and two and a half cups of oat or soy milk. 

Keep the heat up high and mix well. It works quite effectively to simply use a hand-held electric mixer directly in the pot on the stove to ensure that the porridge has no lumps.

Let the porridge come to a boil and keep on stirring for about five minutes thereafter.

Turn off the stove and mix in some sugar to taste.

Preparation and cooking time: 10 minutes.

Even though one would normally eat porridge for breakfast, I eat this for lunch because of the high protein content. The recipe gives me two lunches, one of which I eat right away and the other which I store in the fridge to be heated up in the microwave the next day.

There are also many other ways to prepare hemp (just ask Google), but since I have just discovered hemp recently, I have not tried that many of them yet. Let me know if you know of some quick, healthy and tasty hemp recipes.

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