Nutrition example: Healthy snacking

Snacking between meals is quite important to keep your blood chemistry constant and keep your body functioning optimally. However, this strategy could backfire quite spectacularly when you snack on the wrong stuff.

Sugary or fatty snacks like chocolates or chips can play havoc with your blood chemistry, causing you to lose energy, have trouble focusing and develop many irrational food cravings. Nope, snacks need to be made up of the natural whole foods that our bodies were designed to run on.

The primary healthy snacks the nature has provided us with are fruit, nuts and seeds. These guys contain enough energy to keep you going throughout the day, but release this energy in a much more controlled manner than the processed junk-snacks that we eat nowadays. They are also packed with a wide range of nutrients to build and repair your body.

Fruit is a pretty well-known topic, but I would like to spend just one more paragraph on nuts and seeds. The assortment of nutrients in nuts and seeds is really quite impressive and really should form part of everyone’s diet. Also, as your diet shifts from animal to plant products, nuts and seeds also become an important source of protein. Seeds often contain all the essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) that our body needs, while nuts and grains need to be combined to get all the entire range of essential amino acids. Most of us eat a lot of grains, but we need the nuts to complete the amino acid combination.

Personally, I eat a small helping of mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit every day. These are readily available in supermarkets and health stores today and you are free to mix and match as you please. I also keep my fruit basket diligently stocked at home and eat some fruit whenever I feel like it. My employer also has this great policy of providing a basket of fresh fruit at work twice a week.

So, ditch the candy bars and start snacking on some natural whole foods. It is much healthier, much better for overall productivity and just as tasty.

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