Fitness: Passive and active fitness environments

OK, the time has finally come to say goodbye to nutrition and move on to fitness. And yes, we have just as much work to do in this area as we had in the previous one.

The sad fact is that people in the developed world get about four times less exercise than they actually need to maintain optimal health. And once again, this can be blamed on the self-destructive macro-environment we have built for ourselves. Indeed, the world we live in today really seems to be designed to “save” us from any form of physical exertion and has managed to totally stigmatize exercise as this painful thing you have to suffer through in the impossible quest to look like the Photoshopped models in fitness magazines.

This situation really is tragic, comical and just plain stupid all at once and we seriously need to restore sanity ASAP. Fact: the human body was designed to move. If you keep yours parked in front of the TV or PC all day long, it will weaken and eventually break. Our bodies are our most precious possessions and we should really protect and nurture them to the very best of our ability.

The One in a Billion project aims to make this as easy and natural as at all possible through the construction of two micro-environments: the passive environment and the active environment. As always, the function of these micro-environments are to shield you from the toxic macro-environment we live in today and make healthy living easy and completely natural. 

The passive environment focuses on all of those daily little bits of free exercise that we simply habitually fail to use. A good passive environment will make the amount of exercise you need to at least maintain reasonable health a completely automatic part of every day. It really is a very handy thing to have.

If you want optimal health, however, the active fitness environment will also be needed. Here we will set up some activities with friends, with a pet or just with nature which will get you to the point where exercise actually becomes great fun and becomes something that you look forward to every day. Once you get to that point, a healthy, fully functional body really happens totally automatically. If you reach that stage, it is mission accomplished 🙂

We’ll start building our passive environment tomorrow.

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