Fitness: Switch to human power

Today, we will officially begin the construction of our fitness environment, starting with the passive environment. And the first part of your passive fitness environment is gradually making the switch back from using fossil fuel power to using human power for your daily transportation needs. 

One of the primary ills of the macro-environment we live in today is that it is actually built to accommodate cars, not people. Sometimes a car is literally the only way in which you can get from A to B even if A and B are ridiculously close to each other. There are many times, however, when it is fully possible to get from A to B by human power (biking, walking, rollerblading etc.). We just habitually fail to utilize these opportunities because our self-destructive cultural conditioning makes them all but invisible.

When we talk especially about setting up your home environment later on, we will take a look at how you can strategically select the location of your home in order to minimize the use of a car – a move that will guarantee that you automatically get your minimum daily requirement of exercise all while saving the world and saving you thousands of dollars per year. In this section, however, we will only look at what you can start doing today.

Since everyone’s life is unique, it is impossible to give some fixed general guidelines. Making this shift is not difficult though. All you need is to do is to sit down, think through all the times you use your car and honestly evaluate whether you can make the same trip by bike or by walking. Make this honest evaluation every time you instinctively reach for the car keys. Sure, sometimes the car is the only practical way, but many times it is not. Get yourself a nice bike or e-bike, consistently use it whenever it is practical and watch as your body gradually becomes more and more fun to live in.

But will cycling not take a lot more time than driving? After all, we are all very busy and cannot afford any unnecessary delays.

Well firstly, the average American spends more than 5 hours per day staring at the TV, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that we definitely have a lot of time to waste. Secondly, the average driving speed in today’s cities is very low. Since everyone drives, congestion is the norm and people literally spend six months of their lives waiting at traffic lights. The average driving speed in New York for example is 17.6 mph (28.3 km/h) which is just a bit faster than that you will do on a bike and just about on par with an e-bike.

Really, there are no excuses accept for laziness and resistance to change. Get moving. Your life depends on it.  

11 thoughts on “Fitness: Switch to human power”

  1. Schalk in your previous post you had a table showing amt.of exercise and cancer risk.Where did you get it from?Is there more of the type?Other lifestyle diseases and amt of exercise.
    That table galvanized every body in my family to start walking.But even the most mobile of us ,my dad a former national champ, is getting too little exercise.

    1. I’m happy to hear that the figure got some bodies moving 🙂

      Well, Google Images is a wonderful place and if you search long enough, you are likely to find all sorts of interesting stuff. I have been contemplating for a while now on whether I should start posting infographics and I think that you have just convinced me that I should. You can therefore expect many more such colorful motivators from the archives of Google Images in the near future.

      1. Not so glorious.I meant national record holder in the Indian Police Service.He was a pole vaulter,middle distance runner,hurdler etc.Turned his hand to all track and field events and hockey.He had a clutch of records,some of them unbeaten in over 2 decades.I will have to ask him again if you want the details,time,distance,height etc.

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