Fitness example: Keep on moving

One of the most important fitness realizations I have had on my journey to good health is the importance of a solid passive fitness environment. The human body was made to move regularly in order to accomplish the day’s work, but now that fossil fuels are doing all the work for us, our bodies regularly stagnate for hours on end. This is totally unnatural and it really is no wonder that we have a degenerative disease epidemic on our hands.

It therefore is vitally important that you incorporate some regular motion into your day (1, 2). And the good news is that doing this is quite easy and can significantly boost your productivity. Here is how I do it:

I have a typical sedentary job where my purpose is to sit in front of the PC and run reactor simulations the whole day. The trick therefore lies in finding ways to put in many hours on the computer and still move regularly throughout the day. The key ingredient in doing this is having a raise and lower desk which allows you to stand and work for extended periods of time. I have three of these: one at work, one in my home office and one in my little home recording studio.

The home office one is shown in the image below. I don’t even have to move that desk on the right hand side one up and down since I just stand while working on the computer and when my legs feel a little tired I move to the comfortable chair in front of the TV. My PC is connected to my TV via an HDMI cable so that it doubles as a large computer screen which I control via wireless keyboard and mouse.

Whenever I have to write a first draft of any kind, I take one minute to change the setup slightly (shown below) and put on my wireless headset so that I can walk around the room, dictate to my computer (which displays on the TV) and also use the keyboard and mouse whenever convenient. Aside from being very healthy, this is also a very efficient way of producing written material.

I’ll freely admit that this setup is probably only practical for a single engineer in his twenties and most normal people might want a more stylish solution 😉 But give this a thought and see what your mind comes up with. Such an arrangement is very practical, works very efficiently and is essential to maintain the good health of anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer. I highly recommend it.

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