Fitness example: Skills training

This final category is the place where exercise can really become interesting. Whenever you do some form of exercise where you have to use a wide range of skills, it automatically becomes a lot more engaging and a lot more fun to do. And yes, having fun while exercising is central to the healthy fitness environment we are building here.

Since almost any sport contains some element of coordination, reflex or balance training, most common sports fall in this category. Not only are social sports a lot of fun; they also offer a wide range of benefits. Depending on the sport, it will probably contain a significant amount of aerobic and anaerobic exercise which in itself has a wide range of health benefits as discussed in the respective linked posts. In addition, training your coordination, reflexes and balance simply makes your body more useful, both for sports and in daily life.

It is therefore highly recommended that you engage in a range of activities that offer a good combination of coordination, reflex and balance training. Ball sports are the most complete package for this purpose, but sports which feature some form of equipment that must be used in a skilled way (mountain biking, surfing, skiing etc.) offer similar benefits.

Personally, I wish I had the time to do more sports, but my current combination of regular cycling, cross-country skiing and rugby covers all the bases and keeps my skills sharp for the occasional fun game of ping-pong, football, cricket, pool or downhill skiing.

So, that’s it. If you can incorporate regular exercise from all four categories: aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility and skills, you will end up with a body that really functions as it was meant to function. Such a body just makes life a lot easier and a lot more fun. It certainly is highly recommended that you get yourself one of these.

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