Nutrition: Complete summary

OK, we are now nearing the end of the One in a Billion health plan and will just spend a few more posts to tie things together before we move on to the next category. The following summary briefly describes the nutritional part of the health plan that was presented over the past two months or so, linking to most of the detailed posts along the way. In order to get a broad overview, you can also check out the health contents page.

Firstly, we have to face some hard-hitting facts about where we stand today and acknowledge that the world is getting fatter and sicker at a truly alarming rate despite the totally unethical amounts of resources we consume trying to contain these self-imposed damages. This is a fairly predictable result considering the incredibly unhealthy macro-environment we live in today and the way that our healthcare system has morphed into a collection of corporations thriving on sick people. The One in a Billion project aims to rectify this matter by constructing a healthy nutritional environment within which healthy eating happens completely automatically.

Here it is in a nutshell: First of all, you should bring only healthy, nutrient dense foods into your home (example). You should also make sure that you optimize the way in which you get this food into your home (example). Next, it is essential that you learn to conjure up some quick, healthy and tasty meals using your broad selection of healthy foods so that healthy eating becomes an easy and enjoyable experience. Some examples of breakfast (1), lunch (123, 4) and dinner (1, 2) were also given and the importance of a big lunch and the dangers of a big dinner were discussed. We also looked at ways in which you can maintain, structure and optimize your healthy nutritional environment. Examples of ways to do this were given in the form of a green drink, some strategies for healthy detox, a few healthy snacking recommendations and some examples of good hunger busters.

For some additional motivation, a short account of the lives of some of the healthiest people on Earth was given, together with some key nutritional concepts and motivations.

I sincerely hope that these resources help to keep you on the road to vibrant health. Looking after your body really is the most important thing you can ever do, both for yourself and for your society.

4 thoughts on “Nutrition: Complete summary”

  1. My girlfriend became a gluten intolerant a little over three years ago. Before that, our meals would consist of mostly starches and gluten. Relearning how to eat properly was certainly tough at first. Trying to find quick ways to cook without having to be up all night. It took about a year until we were able to master the art of preparing healthy whole foods. Now we have been doing it for so long that to eat any other way seems foreign to us. I hope people out there will realize that without proper dieting, we throw off our DNA blueprint, allowing our bodies to damage much faster. I love reading your articles. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for sharing that valuable experience. My journey was similar and we need millions of people on this planet to start following similar paths pretty soon. I’m yet to find someone who invested the time and effort to change his/her lifestyle for the better and regretted it afterwards. One always gets this feeling of “why on earth did I not do this earlier?” We just need people to actually start…

      I appreciate the encouraging words about this project. Blogs like yours and mine really need to multiply and become a major theme in the blogosphere so that the idea of taking full responsibility for personal health (and many other aspects of life) can truly go mainstream. Let’s keep on building 🙂

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