2 thoughts on “Heart disease info”

  1. This article is dear to my heart as I do fear for my heart.

    Sometimes we can do all the right things but the genes still kick in.

    It is never to early to start making the right decisions for keeping a healthy heart. Parents are in control of the hearts of their children and need to be responsible to do all they can for them.

    Yet it is never too late to start caring for your heart. Start today.

    1. I completely agree. Good lifestyle choices do not guarantee lasting health, but they do greatly lower the risks.

      But hey, preventing disease is not really the primary reason for staying in vibrant health. Vibrant health just makes life much more enjoyable in the moment – right now. That, I think, is what life is all about – enjoying today in ways that ensure that you will also be able to enjoy tomorrow 🙂

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