Fitness: Complete summary

Just like yesterday’s nutritional summary post, this post will present the One in a Billion fitness strategy and link back to more detailed previous posts for easy reference.

As always, the primary aim of this plan is to construct a micro-environment that makes doing the right thing as easy and natural as at all possible. In the case of fitness, we will actually construct two such environments,  passive and active, which also have two distinctly different purposes:

  • The passive fitness environment should be used for weight control and maintaining good health
  • The active fitness environment should be used for having fun and taking your body to the next level

The reason why modern fitness programs almost never last (and the average person gets 4 times less exercise than needed) is because they neglect the passive environment and try to use a (very poorly constructed) active environment to also serve the purposes of the passive environment. This has lead to a very unfortunate stigmatization of exercise as painful and burdensome self-sacrifice and can even be dangerous.

So, here is how it should be done (in my humble opinion at least):

1. Build your passive fitness environment

The basis of the passive environment is the fact that the human body must move regularly in order to maintain good health. Our modern sedentary lifestyles where we sit for hours on end are totally unnatural and it really is no wonder that we are beset by a true epidemic of degenerative disease. You can rectify this matter quite easily by making the switch back to human power (example), cashing in on all of those free exercise opportunities available to you every day and making sure that you avoid long periods of stagnation (example). This type of easy, regular motion is what the body was designed for and is absolutely essential for good health.

2. Build your active fitness environment

Firstly, it must be emphasized again that actively exercising for the purpose of weight loss and health is a highly erroneous strategy and that the typical modern motivation for exercise is totally self-defeating. From this basis, we can explore the two true purposes of your active environment; having fun and taking your body to the next level (1, 2), and also discuss how to correctly measure your progress. I want to stress, however, that it is perfectly OK to only maintain your passive fitness environment and just keep a little active environment on the side by engaging in some fun social sports every once in a while. The “taking your body to the next level” step is completely optional and should be viewed only as an added bonus. For those who are keen, some examples on the four primary fitness components; aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility and skills, were also provided.

So, that’s it. Take some time to understand these guidelines and use them to construct your very own healthy fitness environment within which exercise happens all by itself. You will be very glad you did 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fitness: Complete summary”

  1. It’s so hard to stay active at a desk job, and then when I see people taking the elevator to go down two flights of steps, I just want to scream! I take the stairs whenever I can and have even converted my desk into a standing desk for part of the day. It definitely helps. Great post!

    1. Yep, our self-destructive cultural conditioning sure is a powerful foe… To protect myself from this cultural conditioning I also have three raise-and-lower desks in my life and have even invested in some voice control software through which I can dictate to the computer while walking around the room, doing some light weight training. I wrote one theoretical and one example post about that if you are interested.

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