US healthcare system

I have been quite critical of the US healthcare system over the course of this series of health posts, often citing the fact that it consumes by far the greatest amount of money in the world (per capita), but achieves a rather dismal life expectancy (around 40th in the world). The infographic below gives a good summary of this mess. Pay special attention to points 2-6.

2 thoughts on “US healthcare system”

  1. This is quite alarming. The infographic on costs associated with preventable illnesses is telling! And yet the Republicans want to get rid of Healthcare Reform. Seriously? Look who’s really hurting here in this country….those that are uninsured and those that can’t afford premium healthcare. This certainly isn’t democracy.

    1. Well, the US healthcare system just seems to be very badly broken and Americans get a very bad return on the massive amount of money they pay into this broken system. Here are some shocking stats for you: Singapore spends 5 times less per capita on healthcare than America, but achieves a 2 years longer life expectancy. Cuba achieves the same life expectancy as Americans with 20 times less spent on healthcare.

      As with any other broken system, there is a lot of blaming going on. The democrats blame the republicans and vice versa, consumers blame politicians, healthcare professionals blame the system etc. Before all of these parties stop blaming each other, start looking at themselves and actually start taking responsibility, I’m afraid healthcare will only go from bad to worse and bankrupt America at an ever increasing rate.

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