5 thoughts on “The world must learn to walk again”

    1. Ah, yes of course. Sorry about that. It is amazing how people (myself included) can take things for granted…

      I wish you all the best and hope that you find some alternatives to walking through which you can get the vital motion our bodies need every day. My answer to mixedupmeme below contains some links which might be useful for getting some additional free exercise.

  1. OH! I just thought I walked for FUN. 🙂 It is great that I get these other benefits and for free too.

    I do my 30 minutes just as the sun comes up. Without my walk I am grumpy.

    And I understand the comment before me…….that everyone can’t walk. I hope when I am no longer able to get out and up, I can substitute a little something physical that will provide some benefits. Perhaps you have a post on that too?

    1. It’s nice if you discover some additional benefits to something that you do already, right 🙂

      I must admit that I did not consider people who cannot walk in this post series, but I have written some posts about making a habit out of getting some easy and gentle motion every day, making a sedentary job a little more active and even about moving around the room while talking to your computer via voice control software. Perhaps people who cannot walk might be able to use some of these ideas to get some additional motion into their lives.

  2. It’s so great to read about your pleasure in walking. I was a hillwalker who covered hundreds of miles, and I was a runner too, and it gives me joy to see people still doing those things.

    To tell the truth I don’t tend to blog on WP about my disability but it’s no shame. It’s multiple sclerosis and on good days, I can walk a little, but mostly when outside the house i use my wheelchair. The best kinds of exercise for me now are based on physiotherapy. And oh my, how I love WP and also my personal blog! The WP blog is my place to be the scientist I am and not to focus too much on the sorry state of my body.

    I so hope that your legs will give you many more years of happy walking 🙂

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