2 thoughts on “Gold infographic part 1: History”

  1. As a geologist, I thought I knew about gold but, even I am amazed by some of these facts…
    – that all the gold ever mined could fit in a box 20x20x20 metres = 8k cu.m. With a density of 19kg/cu.m this => less than 155k metric tonnes of pure gold.
    – that 1 oz (c.28g) of gold could be stretched into a wire 9 x Mt Everest => c.80k metres. => 0.00035g/m. Given a molar mass of 197g/mol =>, I calculate that you would still have 1.75E-9 mols/mm and thererfore still more than 1E15 atoms/mm in the wire.
    Beat that for obscure fact… 😉

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