Mental control: The third cornerstone

So, finally we arrive at the third and final cornerstone of our apparently triangle shaped sustainable living fortress: mental control. The first two cornerstones; health and personal finances, were mostly based in hard science and economics which makes them quite straightforward to discuss, but this third cornerstone is based on much more abstract psychology, thus making it much harder to pin down.

By “mental control” I mean taking control of this amazing biological computer between your ears. This is very important simply because this biological computer controls all of your actions and your actions are solely responsible for shaping your destiny. Unfortunately, if you look around the world today, it is quite clear that the vast majority of people have no idea how to control this set of 100 billion neurons directly responsible for shaping their lives.

Let’s look at some examples:

Everyone knows that healthy diet and exercise will lead to good health and a slim and attractive body, but yet more than half of the adult population in the developed world is overweight and this trend is still rising rapidly.

Everyone knows that you can become financially secure by simply consistently spending less money than you earn and making use of the power of compounding, but yet the developed world today is one big debt crisis.

Most people are at least aware of the grave environmental problems bearing down on us, but yet the vast majority of people have never even calculated their carbon or ecological footprints.

The standard of living of those lucky enough to be born into the top 10-20% of the global population has risen tremendously over the past decade, but yet we are much more stressed and depressed and no happier than we were before.

Clearly something is very wrong with this picture. We know exactly how to attain vibrant health and financial security, but we just don’t follow through. We are aware of the biggest threat to our standard of living in the history of mankind, but we just don’t do anything about it. And we have lived through a time of unprecedented increases in material affluence without seeing any meaningful gains in true quality of life. How can this happen?

These are the issues we will tackle in this section. Indeed, you can know all the theory about health and personal finances discussed in the previous two sections and you can fully understand the multifaceted sustainability crisis bearing down on us, but if you cannot get yourself to act on this information it is completely and utterly useless. So, if I can summarize the goal of this section of the One in a Billion project it will be this: getting people to actually act on the guidelines for building a happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable life.

As Mark Twain said: “Actions speak loader than words, but not nearly as often.” Let’s get our actions to be a bit more talkative…

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    1. Hehe… At least you can admit it. But perhaps the information in the posts following this one can be of some value to you. Stay tuned 🙂

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