Human potential

I’m sure that you have often heard of this tremendous potential for greatness that resides within each of us. What do you think of these statements? Probably not much, right? Yep, such statements can easily devolve into overused cliches that no one pays much attention to.

However, if you just take a few moments to really think about it, you might feel a whole lot different about this great potential residing inside of you. Regardless of whether your aim is to be remembered as one of history’s great masters or just to live a long, happy and healthy life within the confines of planet Earth, a little bit of reasoning can quickly show that you have all the potential necessary to make it happen.

Violin practiceFor example, it’s often stated that it requires 10,000 hours of practice to truly master a skill (becoming a chess master, rock star, master chef etc.). Yes, 10,000 hours might sound like a lot, but if you take an average 80 year lifespan and assume that one third of that lifespan was used for sleeping, you’re left with 467,200 hours to actually get stuff done. So, theoretically, you have the potential to master almost 50 different skills within your lifetime. Not bad… So why is it then that most people have not yet truly mastered even a single skill? Is it because we lack the talent? Nope, it’s simply because we neglect to put in those 10,000 hours. 

But the ironic thing is that much of our potential is actually lost not through pure inaction (neglecting to put in the 10,000 hours), but through self-destructive actions that eat away at our long-term potential. The wide range of ways in which we routinely destroy our health and personal finances are the classic examples. Regardless of how much natural talent you have, if you are morbidly obese or saddled with mountains of unpayable debt, your potential takes a serious nose-dive.


So, in the final analysis, fulfilling our tremendous human potential really is as simple as consistently racking up those 10,000 hours while refraining from self-destructive habits. What could be easier? 😉

Well, if we were all robots, this really would be laughably easy, but unfortunately (or fortunately) we are not robots and getting ourselves to consistently take constructive action is a hell of a lot harder than simply pushing a few buttons on a machine. Yep, getting the human mind to consistently do that which is good and constructive is a pretty complex task and will be the central theme of this section in the One in a Billion project. But if we can get some more control over this amazing body/mind we have been blessed with, a lot of really cool things can happen…

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