The real value of high quality stuff

quality_over_quantityAs outlined in the previous post, low quality stuff will often work out to be a lot more expensive than high quality stuff on all accounts, be it money, time, stress or environment. Simply buying high quality can therefore be highly beneficial in the long run.

But the value of buying high quality lies a little deeper than simply saving you some time and money. First of all, higher quality is often associated with lower quantity. In that sense, a commitment to high quality is an excellent way in which to de-clutter. Eliminating clutter can certainly eliminate a lot of bad and bring a lot of good into your life.

A commitment to quality is therefore an excellent tool for shaping your ideal living environment. This single commitment can create a living environment where the bulk of your stuff not only works perfectly and economically, but is actually a joy to use. Gradually building such an environment is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

On a broader scale, buying high quality is an excellent way in which to exert a positive influence on the economy. As outlined earlier, each of us has tremendous power through our consumption patterns. The market has to supply what we demand and, if we demand the right stuff, the world will create the right stuff.

In essence, high quality items derive more of their cost from human ingenuity and less from the wide range of materials we continuously extract from the earth. As we all know, we are using many materials in a highly unsustainable manner at present, causing depletion on the one hand and pollution on the other. If there is one resource we have in abundance though, it is human ingenuity.

By buying high quality stuff, you therefore give a very clear message to the market: save on the resources that we are running out of and tap into the resource we have in abundance. The more people that send this message, the better for all of us.

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