The greenest consumption choice: Information

The right information at the right time can be incredibly valuable, not only in the moment, but for many years to come. In addition, modern information technology makes information highly accessible, affordable and environmentally friendly. Shifting some of your consumption from “material” to “information” is therefore a great way to make your life a few shades greener.

It has been said that we live in the “information age” or “the age of the mind”, but very few people really understand the implications of these phrases. The first implication is that your ability to use your mind to process information is critical to your success in this world we live in. In the marketplace today, the lowest paid workers exchange their time and energy for a little bit of money, the middle-class exchange their skills for more money and the elite exchange creative ideas that solve real-world problems for huge amounts of money. The reward gap between those who have mastered information and those who have not is huge and constantly growing.

The second implication is that it has never been easier to get the most out of life. Since information is critical to most things we do in this “information age” and a tremendous wealth of information is accessible to everyone with an internet connection, we have everything we need to be happy and successful. Naturally, it is up to you to pick out the wholesome information from all the junk out there, but this gets progressively easier with practice. The sooner you get started as an avid information consumer, the better.

The third implication is that we have a great opportunity to address our environmental problems through information. Habitual information consumers will have little time or inclination towards primitive material pursuits. A big fancy house, a small fleet of cars and lots of miscellaneous stuff simply become unnecessary and cumbersome to a mind that has successfully evolved beyond the primitive pursuit of material possession towards information acquisition, processing and sharing.

The next post will share some simple guidelines for assessing information quality in order to streamline this crucial mental evolution.

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