The importance of buying the right home

This blog is all about building intelligent micro-environments where happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable living happens naturally. You don’t get any better opportunities for micro-environment construction than in your own home.

For this reason, we will build a separate chapter in the One in a Billion project dedicated to this crucial topic. We will look at three critical aspects of your home: its location, its size and its contents. Th e importance of each of these will be briefly outlined below.

Location, location, location

It is well known that the three most important things to look out for when house hunting is location, location and location. Once you have bought a home, you can change many things about it, but you cannot change its location. This aspect therefore has to carry the biggest weight.

As far as this blog is concerned, the most important criterion in selection of a home is minimization of travel distance. For example, if you can intelligently select the location of your home to replace your 30 minute car commute with a 10 minute bicycle trip, you will become happier from escaping stressful rush-hour traffic, healthier from getting automatic exercise every day, wealthier from the huge savings brought by biking instead of driving, and more sustainable for the same reason.

We will also look at several other location-specific factors impacting health, wealth and happiness, but travel time remains the most important one.


The size of your home directly impacts its costs (mortgage and maintenance), its environmental impact (mostly energy consumption for temperature control, lighting and appliances), and its demand for your time (maintenance and gardening).

A person who has evolved beyond the primitive consumerist mindset will obviously favour these advantages of a smaller home over the materialistic appeal of a large home. The willingness to settle for a smaller home can also make it possible to buy in the ideal location, bringing many additional benefits.


There are many choices when it comes to filling your home with stuff. The choices you make here will have important impacts on your home’s environmental impact, running costs, livability and productivity.

We will take a look at several of these important choices with a special focus on building an environment for increasing productivity.

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PS: Why should you take lifestyle advice from a random guy on the internet? Good question. Take a look at the effects that these guidelines had on my life and decide for yourself.

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