Simple is beautiful: Time to declutter

The range of stuff you can buy in a modern consumer economy is truly stupendous. Thanks to globalization, a lot of this stuff is quite cheap too. It is therefore all too easy to collect way too many things that add more problems than value to your life.

This pervasive, but primitive habit can increase stress, hamper wealth creation and increase environmental impact. It therefore goes completely against the philosophy of happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable living advocated on this blog.

Let’s have a look at a few simple ways in which we can overcome this problem.

The size of your home

This topic has already been discussed in the previous post, but remains the most natural way to limit the amount of useless stuff in your life. A large home simply grants you a large amount of space to fill with lots of useless stuff. A more moderate size home, on the other hand, will not only save you a lot of money, but also naturally encourage you to declutter.

The six-month rule

Take a serious look around your home and identify anything that has not made a clear positive contribution to your life over the last six months. You might be surprised at how many of these things you find. Items identified via the six month rule are generally well suited for donation to charity. So why not employ this rule to help yourself by helping others?

The replacement rule

There are only so many hours in your day, so much space in your home, and so much capacity in your brain. The replacement rule acknowledges these facts and recommends that you only buy something new when you can easily identify something that it will replace. Keeping this simple rule in mind will save you from many unwise purchasing decisions.

Adopt the minimalist style

One very positive trend over recent years has been the popularity of minimalist interior design. Indeed, it can now be quite cool to keep a home with very limited stuff. If you are one for keeping up with the latest trends, adopting the minimalist interior design style can be a very natural motivation to declutter.

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PS: Why should you take lifestyle advice from a random guy on the internet? Good question. Take a look at the effects that these guidelines had on my life and decide for yourself.

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