My constitution

The previous post raised this curious idea of drawing up your own constitution.  As a simple example, this post will outline the constitution that has served me very well for several years.

Here goes…

I grant myself sole responsibility over this body-mind that I have been dealt. This responsibility includes protection, nurturing and development and shall be carried out within the confines of planet Earth.

We all owe it to ourselves and to society to look after ourselves. As an added bonus, taking good care of yourself invariably reduces your environmental footprint.

I grant myself authority over the labour of my body-mind. This labour shall be carried out from a clean and effortless mental state and there shall be no unjustified delays or unhealthy excesses.

One of the saddest things in our modern world is that most people are conditioned to chase happiness through consumption rather than creation. Getting control over your creative powers is key to living a happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable life.

I will maximize the quality of my human interactions, while controlling the quantity. Every interaction must fill the other person’s bucket, even if it is just a drop.

The bucket analogy comes from a simple little book by Tom Rath. It simply states that we should strive to impart goodness on everyone we interact with. This is a very good general rule for life.

I will employ a strict zero waste policy to cut out the self-destructive misuse of mental capacity. Every self-destructive mindset shall immediately be quashed with a WTF thought.

We only get a finite amount of mental processing power over the course of our lives. Using this processing power to generate valuable new ideas is optimal, spending it on stuff like routine tasks and entertainment is neutral, but wasting it on self-destructive thought processes is just idiotic. Such a waste of our finite mental capacity truly qualifies as a WTF moment and can be dismissed with a somewhat embarrassed smile and a shake of the head.

I will continuously accelerate my evolution towards the fully rational emotional being. Performance and experience enhancing emotions are strongly encouraged, but primitive self-defeating emotions will be gradually starved out.

Humans are undoubtedly emotional creatures. Unfortunately, several emotional responses that served us well over the vast majority of our evolution have become totally out of date in our modern world. If we are to live happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable lives, we need to eradicate the primitive emotional responses that make us depressed, self-destructive, financially irresponsible and environmentally unsustainable.

So, that’s it. Five simple points that keep me on the straight and narrow. What would your constitution look like?

PS: Why should you take lifestyle advice from a random guy on the internet? Good question. Take a look at the effects that these guidelines had on my life and decide for yourself.

2 thoughts on “My constitution”

  1. Seems to me that many persons are screwed up by doing what others tell them to do ( for instance, most religions with which i am familiar), instead of “doing what they want”.

    Who really wants a dead Earth??

    This will be the consequence of all the “personal getting” we’ve been doing since the origin of agriculture.

    Most religious “Thou Shalt’s” are really statements of how “you” should act, until the dawn of “your” understanding that we are in fact , “one” with all things. The time for that understanding to dawn is “NOW”.

    “Do unto others…”,
    “Judge not..”,
    “Become ye like little children,,,”, etc etc..

    It is no longer a theoretical consideration for potential future adoption:
    We must learn who and what we are, and behave accordingly.

    D N

    1. Interesting perspective. It is quite possible that anyone who takes the time to really define what the best version of themselves will look like will end up becoming an asset to society. It will be very hard to specify your own set of guiding basic principles in such a way that it guides you to destroy more value than you create.

      In that sense, I agree with you. Individuals can responsibly govern themselves if they actually make an effort to do so. The problem is just that very few people actually put in the few hours required to define who they truly are. Hopefully this can change as our societal mindset continues to evolve over coming decades.

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