Objective reality

Planning a journey requires two pieces of information: where you are and where you want to go. Most people have at least a rough idea of where they want to go (your personal constitution can help a lot in this regard), but few people ever acknowledge the objective reality of where they are at the moment.

For example, have you ever used a lifestyle calculator like those linked on the top left of this blog? For a mere hour of your precious time, these calculators can give a pretty good idea of where you stand on the subject of a happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable life.

Determining your true objective reality can be an awkward exercise. Ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to long-term things like building wealth for retirement, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to avoid degenerative disease, and shrinking your environmental footprint to preserve our planet for future generations.

But anyone reading these words is certainly capable of evolving beyond such primitive denial. So, be brutally honest and find out just how happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable your life really is. How far are you from the ideal version of yourself? What needs to change for you to start moving towards that ideal?

Once you have this vital intel, the journey can commence. And trust me, the destination may be lovely, but the journey is even more so.

PS: Why should you take lifestyle advice from a random guy on the internet? Good question. Take a look at the effects that these guidelines had on my life and decide for yourself.

12 thoughts on “Objective reality”

    1. Objective reality is how things really are. It can typically be quantified quite accurately, e.g. kg of bodyweight, tons of CO2 emissions or years of financial resilience.

      Subjective reality is a “truth” that we choose to believe without explicit measurement or quantification. It is highly influenced by our emotions, fears and dreams. Beauty is a typical example of subjective reality –
      something that may be beautiful to one person might be rather ugly to someone else. Often, subjective reality involves conveniently ignoring uncomfortable elements of objective reality like those mentioned above.

  1. “Objective reality is how things really are.”

    How do you come to know what the objective reality is?
    Does the observer or subject has anything to do with objective reality?

    1. Nope, objective reality can be measured. The observer can certainly ignore or edit this objective answer (consciously or subconsciously), but these modifications of the objective truth would be subjective reality.

      1. Greetings:
        I would niggle that our capacity to “measure” objective reality is always limited by our senses and even our developed instruments of expanded perception.
        However, we each “get” enough information to know how to guide our local “next step”, if the connivance of the “I thought” does not interject it’s egoistic drives in the seeking of personal advantage, or acquisition.
        This may be a restatement of exactly what you are saying, from a different perspective..

      2. I agree that we all have access to enough information to guide our next step, but that information is often so obscured between loads of other nonsense that we don’t see it. Alternatively, this information is not to our liking (could be because of ego, laziness, fear, etc.), so we simply ignore it. Either way, the objective information that should guide our logical next step is often not managing to do so.

  2. Objective reality? Hahaaaa.

    Here is a bit of objective reality: Look at the thousands of fans at a soccer/rugby/football/baseball match and consider that every one of them is going to die. Each and every one of them – and you too.

    That is the only reality.

    1. Perhaps that is one level of reality. Attachment to “this” will lead to suffering and death. (As attachments are wont to do…) And yet (for instance) “evolution” goes on despite the rising and falling of individual lives coming and going..
      The real “issue” is the part of you and me that develops and furthers these “attachments”: to the detriment of all, and threatening even the continuance of evolution on this planet.

    2. Hehe… True that.

      Another objective reality is that I can significantly increase my likelihood of living longer and healthier by doing simple things right every day. I prefer to focus on this one 🙂

  3. Schalk and David O Newell, Do you think that all objective reality can be perceived by humans? Do you think that all objective reality can be perceived by pigeons?, by mice?, by snakes?

    1. Now we’re getting a bit philosophical. I’d definitely say that the most relevant objective realities related to our health, wealth and sustainability can be measured and perceived by humans. When it comes to lower lifeforms, I can only say that their lives are much more basic, so their most important realities are very objective (e.g. get food or die).

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