Get rid of your self-destruct buttons

One of the most annoying things about life is that it is littered with self-destruct buttons. In many cases, months of good work can be undone in the blink of an eye. When it comes to building a happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable life, this is a serious problem.

As a simple example, you can maintain a healthy diet for several weeks, but then undo most of this good work in an intense 30 minute snacking binge in front of the TV. The same goes for personal finances. Many people are penny-wise and pound-foolish: painfully stingy with the small stuff, but real suckers for flashy-but-unnecessary big ticket items.

Given how quickly a human being can self-destruct, it is critical to know what your personal self-destruct buttons look like. Once they have been identified, you can start to consciously devise dedicated button-avoidance strategies.

The best way is of course to completely remove that self-destruct button from your life. For example, if you have a constant source of emotional trauma in your life that drives you to regular self-destructive behavior, it may be time to bite the bullet and end whatever relationship, job or activity is causing this trauma.

In most cases though, you will just need to learn how to sidestep your self-destruct buttons. For me, I know that, if I allow myself to plop down in front of YouTube with an unhealthy snack after a challenging day at the office, it’s not going to end well. I therefore go out for a brisk walk whenever I feel this button-pressing urge.

Naturally, everyone’s self-destruct buttons are different and you’ll have to invest some introspection to properly ID yours. Once you know them though, you can avoid them much more effectively. This button-avoidance is critical to ensure that all the good positive work you do every day does not go to waste.

PS: Why should you take lifestyle advice from a random guy on the internet? Good question. Take a look at the effects that these guidelines had on my life and decide for yourself.

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