Earn your creative freedom

In the previous post, we talked about how out of place the primitive human mind is in our modern world. Overeating was used as an example of a natural effect of this situation, but many other self-destructive behaviors also stem from this source. In my experience, the one and only sustainable remedy to this unfortunate situation is creative flow.

Creation is the polar opposite of destruction, making it an obvious way to stop self-destructive behaviors. I’m sure that everyone reading this has been in that blissful state of creative flow where your body secretes happiness hormones without the aid of food, alcohol, social media, retail therapy or any other form of consumption.

Unfortunately, our primitive minds keep the vast majority of the population very far away from this ideal. Since most people remain stuck in a mindset of scarcity, our society still chases happiness through consumption. This perception creates an all-too-common vicious cycle:

Reversing this cycle holds the key to eliminating behaviors that destroy ourselves (e.g. overeating and sedentary living), our communities (e.g. consuming more than we create through excessive debt) and our environment (e.g. large CO2 footprint). Specifically, the following virtuous cycle is the polar opposite of the vicious cycle above:

We need a very simple shift in ambitions: strive towards the freedom to create instead of the freedom to consume. This simple change in thinking can make all the difference.

Obviously, breaking out of the orange vicious cycle and firing up the blue virtuous cycle is much easier said than done. In most cases, the most practical approach is to save up to buy your freedom. As a slave to consumerism, you will have to save up a sizable amount of money, not for a big house or car, but for a truly inspirational job that may offer lower pay and/or less income security (at least initially).

The next couple of posts will share some more practical tips to overcome self-destructive behaviors like overeating. All of them are helpful, but they will not be sustainable as long as you work to “earn a living”. Only when you stop working and start creating can you truly evolve to the point where happiness, health and sustainability simply happen naturally.

PS: Why should you take lifestyle advice from a random guy on the internet? Good question. Take a look at the effects that these guidelines had on my life and decide for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Earn your creative freedom”

  1. I greatly enjoy your posts, whose positive bent is a joy to read.
    As for my own outlook, now that I have become older than I ever thought to be , at Seventy-Three, (accidental rhyme..) it appears to me..
    that “the primitive mind” was far, far “better” than the “modern mind”, in all appreciable ways. (With the possible exception of the development of music….)

    Not separated out in imaginary distractions arising from analytical cogitations and life-threatening ideation, the “state” of Man before “The Fall” allegorically referenced in the “Garden of Eden” myths was in keeping with the one Earth of which he/she was “a part”. (And still is.)

    A hunter-gatherer man returns a year later to a bush upon which he had urinated in the last cycle, and finds it gloriously more abundant, from the provided nitrogen:

    And thus “agriculture” is born, with property rights, ownership, and etc.

    So here we are. Fine kettle of fish we are in. “Homeostasis” is shattered; complexity is waning; and it is a crying, crying, shame.


    With the above always present for me, you may see why I like your posts.

    Thank you.


    David Newell

  2. Reblogged this on Alta Cloete and commented:
    Lees hier wat my wyse oudste te sê het oor die greep wat die verbruikersamelewing op ons het, die effek daarvan en hoe om die bose siklus te verbreek:

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