5 minutes of sun can make your mood better. Know how


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5 minutes of sunlight right after waking up

“One of the most important rules in my life is to take time to soak in the morning sun. I’ve been talking about the incredible benefits of being in the sun for over 15 years now, and I encourage people, especially those who are overly concerned with thoughts and laziness, to get up and go out. And stay under the sun, without any confusion. The sun not only creates life, it also nourishes life. It helps us to improve.

We were born under the sun, we grew up with food made by the sun and we cannot live without sunlight ourselves. So why do we underestimate it in our lives? “Says Radhika Iyer, founder of Anhata Organics and the Ra Foundation.

Sun salutation is the first thing to do in the morning yoga as salutation to the sun, which shows respect to the “life giver”. The sun is revered in Indian culture for its power and ability to lift our spirits. Consider this: you were in a dark room for two days, and on the third day, you opened the window to give some sunlight. What will be your nature? You probably feel more awake, aware and energetic.

Sun exposure is very important for our body to have a good regulatory system.

“Our circadian rhythm, or biological clock, determines our mental and physical health. Your body clock responds to light as a wake signal and darkness as a sleep signal. When you go under the sun, your body starts working. Strengthen your conscious mind. It has an effect, as mentioned earlier, on your overall health “, Radhika adds,” Another important thing the sun provides us is Vitamin D. Vitamin D, which enables the body to build and maintain healthy bones. Your body can only absorb calcium when vitamin D is present. As such, it is associated with reducing the effects of depression and helping us to control our mood. “

You can take control of your health by doing something as simple as getting 5 minutes of sunlight right after you wake up. The sun is a life-giver, and once you realize how interconnected we are with the universe and nature, you can open your eyes to a new, more vibrant life.



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