5 must-have qualities of a baby mattress every mother should know!


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Every mother should know the 5 qualities of a baby mattress!

Babies can sleep up to 90 percent of their time. They develop when they are asleep. If the baby does not sleep well at night, the mother’s sleep will undoubtedly be disturbed. Mothers who have disturbed sleep patterns become stressed and irritable.

According to the Beddy-Momspresso survey, 94 percent of moms are deprived of sleep. Since they share a bed with their babies, 53 percent of mothers say they do not get enough sleep. From infancy it is important for babies to sleep on their own bed and mattress.

When choosing a mattress for their children, parents need to be careful. It should help the baby develop. Mattresses designed specifically for babies will help them sleep better. Shruti Malani, co-founder of Century Mattress’s Bed, suggests that new mothers should consider the following features when buying a baby mattress based on the results of the Bed-Momspresso survey:

Respiratory and temperature regulators

When it comes to choosing a baby mattress, we must make sure that it has better temperature control. Since the coir absorbs heat and has natural cooling properties, mattresses with coir base provide better temperature control. This lowers the mattress temperature, increasing comfort and sleep quality. The use of profiled foam on mattresses improves airflow. This especially helps the baby to roll down the face. This feature reduces the chances of suffocation.


A baby mattress should be waterproof to prevent bacterial growth. It is also important for a baby to sleep on a dry and clean mattress. Another advantage of having waterproof mattresses is that they are easy to clean.

Natural ingredients

Mattresses made from natural materials are a great step towards durability. Mattresses are natural materials for breathing, and these types of mattresses are more environmentally friendly. Preference should be given to eco-friendly mattresses that have received Oeko-Tex certification to be safe and free from any harmful materials.

Strong and durable

While it is widely believed that babies should be given soft and bouncy mattresses, the truth is that a strong mattress better supports baby development. Consistency is one of the most important factors parents consider when making a purchase decision. A mattress must be durable enough to last a long time so that the baby can grow on it in the end. When making decisions, both durability and quality are important considerations.

Trusted Mattress Company

A trusted and certified brand understands what a customer needs and makes the product according to international standards. Choose brands that have earned the trust of consumers for decades while maintaining high quality standards. As a result, choose a brand that has been in business for a long time.



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