5 Quick And Healthy Recipes For Satiating Late-Night Dinner


OOT platforms control our lifestyle, our nights have become longer and dinner has gone to the next meal after midnight. Although we know that eating late at night is not really good for our health, the lure of those exciting shows and movies that are available in one click cloud our minds. Our bodily systems are pre-wired to easily digest food during the day, which slows down as the day progresses. Eating late at night can lead to indigestion, insomnia and even weight gain. But now if it’s too late to change your newly acquired habits, maybe you can replace junk food with healthy small meals that won’t disrupt your digestive system too much.

So for all your OTT lovers, we’ve listed some quick, easy-to-prepare and healthy food options that can satisfy your deepest night’s desires.

Here are 7 quick and healthy recipes for deep dinner

1. Cheese sandwich – our recommendation

Give brown bread instead of white bread, spread green chutney on slices, put cheese pieces, sprinkle some salt and black pepper powder, close the sandwich and rub a little ghee on top and toast. You can even avoid ghee and toasting altogether and keep it as it is.

2. Bason chilla

This is another quick meal that you can make in just 5 minutes. Make batter by mixing besan with water, salt, celery, red chilli powder, raw chilli, turmeric powder and a pinch of horn. Pour into a greased pan and cook on both sides.

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Besan Chilla can be made in a short time.

3. Mushroom soup

Fry some mushrooms with garlic and salt. Mix or crush the mixed mushrooms, then top with some water. Let it boil, add some black pepper powder and you have a creamy and delicious soup for midnight hunger.

4. Poha

Wash the poha and leave it in the water. Meanwhile, quickly cut an onion into pieces, fry with mustard, curry leaves and green chillies. Add salt, a pinch of turmeric powder to wet poha. Sprinkle some lemon juice, give it a good mixture and your work is done.

5. Delicious oats pancakes

Sweet pancakes have always been a hit on our breakfast spreads, but this delicious pancake will fascinate you in the same way at midnight. Make a batter with oats flour, eggs and milk. Add some salt, raw pepper and black pepper powder. Cook on both sides on a greased pan and grate on it.

Continue to enjoy your ‘my time’ at night with this healthy but delicious meal. But remember, don’t make it a daily habit.



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