A decent sports drama that lacks freshness


Story: Ghani wants to prove himself a world champion in boxing despite his mother’s fears. Will he be able to prove his worth?

Revaluation: Some exceptional sports films have been made in South India in recent times. Let it be Gautam Tinanuri Jersey Or feet. Ranjit’s All-pervading, Whatever your passion or lack of sports, these films can keep you off track. Whether it’s the player’s personal life or the politics that comes with the sport, films made in the past have explored the aspect well. Newcomer Kiran Korapati Ghani It also has all the necessary elements, so it is sad to see the substitution of material for style.

In the world Ghani, Once there was a boxer named Vikramaditya from Andhra Pradesh who was a fan of the sport and even took a place in the state boxing championships, only to be humiliated by the citizens. Fifteen years later, his wife (Nadhia) and son Ghani (Varun Tej Konidela) are still suffering. The former does not want his son to be involved in anything that hurts their family; The latter do not know how to leave the game. He tries everything from participating in illegal boxing competitions to getting into the ring – just to find out the truth about his father. Will he be able to fulfill his father’s dream? Ghani.

The main part of the film is a story that can be clich তবে but deserves the kind of seriousness it deserves. Instead, the debutant Kiran Dilli-Dallis features a peppy number, a special number featuring a clich লাভ Love Interest Maya (Sai ​​Manjrekar) and Tamanna Bhatia. In fact, he spends the entire first half of the film not only exploring Ghani’s dynamics with his parents but also an Ian-inspired love story that adds absolutely nothing to the story at hand. There are other players in this story as well. There Adi (Nabin Chandra), the son of a rich businessman, who wants to create his own identity. The founder of the Indian Boxing League is Ishwar (Jagapati Babu), who shares the past with Vikramaditya and Ghani. Kiran tries to make a ‘big reveal’ in terms of the characters of Sunil Sethi and Nimma Upendra, but the attempt comes as an amateur.

Ghani When you look at the story you have a lot to give but the narrative can never give completely ৷ Kiran leaves the songs for the most part, with the exception of two numbers and two other songs used as a montage (composed by Thaman S), but at the end of the day the film seems to be just coast rather than intense drama. Upendra’s character gets long lines and Varun gets punch dialogues but none of them seem to have the desired effect. The length of the film and the fact that most of the boxing matches of the creative choice are only in the second half of the film also becomes an obstacle.

Varun Tej has performed better than him Ghani, But it’s not his fault because he doesn’t really get the chance to do it. Her character is kept in the situation, the truth is withheld from her and she seems to be the last person in a room to know anything – which only gives her a place to react. However, you will notice the hard work he put into his body or even the boxing scene. Sai’s role proves to be unimportant in the long run and he does a good job, where Nadhia, Sunil and Upendra air through them. Excluding the title song, Thaman’s music doesn’t make much of an impression.

Ghani A decent sports drama, but it’s all over – decent. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. If sports drama is your thing, check it out this weekend, but with anticipation.


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