Added Extra Chilli In Your Curry? Expert Tips To Tone It Down


We just like the extra shrimp on our palate, especially those who enjoy their food spicy. But have you ever faced a situation where your food has become more spicy than you expected? Let’s agree – we’ve all been through this. At some point, we all turned the dish into a cooking disaster by adding extra peppers to a recipe. What will you do then? Dropping food is not even an option on the list. In such cases, we look for hacks to reduce excess heat. While there are multiple tips and tricks available on the internet, we have found the easiest one for you.

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Celebrity chef Pankaj Vadauria shared a tip on his Instagram handle that will help you fix your extra spicy food. In a short video clip, he suggests, add any dairy products to the dish. According to him, you can add milk, yogurt or cream to reduce the effect of pepper.

Take a look at the video:

While we think the tip above is the most convenient, there are other simple hacks you can choose from:

Here are 5 easy ways to fix extra spice in your diet:

1. Add the potatoes to a curry that will soak the extra peppers.

2. If your pulses become spicy, add vegetables like carrots and peas.

3. Vinegar or lemon juice also helps reduce excess heat.

4. You can add sugar or any such sweet to maintain the balance of spices.

5. Moreover, always serve spicy food with spicy and starchy side dishes like rice. It helps to balance the taste.

Now that you have all these hacks on hand, try using them to save your dish from a disaster. Let us know which of the above tips worked best for you.

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