Akshay Kumar to people becoming critics on Twitter: Don’t get carried away, we are all trying to do our work | Hindi Movie News


In the ongoing controversy between Bollywood and the southern film industry, Akshay Kumar has advised people not to get carried away and said that it is unfortunate that we continue to divide ourselves. Prior to the release of his film ‘Prithviraj’, Akshay interacted with the media and touched on various issues like remakes, debates in Bollywood and Southern film industry and much more.

Speaking to India Today, Akshay asks why people have problems with remakes. “If a good picture is made in the South and we buy it and remake it, what’s wrong with that?” He said. Akshay further said that people on Twitter have become critics of talent and like to give their opinion on everything. “People question our talent. It’s not about talent, we all have it, it’s about the story of connecting with the audience. Now people on Twitter have become critics and want to comment on everything. Why? I won’t say we’re all trying our best. It is unfortunate that this debate is taking place, and we are all victims of it. Why can’t we be called an art? Why are we being called North and South? Art? All our languages ​​are good. We continue to divide ourselves, “he said.

Manushi Chillar, Sonu Sood and Sanjay Dutt have also acted in ‘Prithviraj’ directed by Chandra Prakash Dwivedi. It is set to release in theaters on June 3.


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