Aloo Posto Recipe – A Signature Bengali Dish That You Can Easily Make At Home (Recipe Inside)


For North Indians, crispy spicy potatoes can go any time for a simple home-cooked meal. Bengalis share the same fetish for potatoes, but in the form of potato posto. Posto, in Bengali, is called poppy seed, which is called khus khus in Hindi. As strange as it may sound to us, potato and poppy seeds make quite a headache combination. In fact, potato posto is commonly made in Bengali families, such as cumin potato or potato govi in ‚Äč‚Äčother parts of the country. In Bengali cuisine you will always find poppy seeds among other spices.

Potato posto is a very simple, easy to make dish. It is usually paired with pulses and steamed rice or rice; However, it tastes just as good with bread or parotta. There are also many variations of this dish. Traditionally, made only with potatoes, poppy seeds, salt and green pepper, many add other spices like cumin and kalanji. You can cook it with onions, or test it yourself. Here’s an easy recipe for potato posters for beginners.

Potato Posto Recipe: How to make Bengali Potato Posto

If you are a fan of Bengali food, you must try making potato posto at home. Click here for a simple, detailed, step-by-step recipe for potato paste.

Like other potato vegetables, potato poppy is also enjoyed with crispy fried potatoes. So first fry the potatoes till golden brown. Poppy seeds are made by frying and crushing poppy seeds with raw chillies. Many people soak poppy seeds overnight or for a few hours before crushing. The rest of the process is really easy. Just fry the cumin and whole red chillies with turmeric powder, add the paste (poppy seeds and green chillies) paste and mix well. Then cook for a while with the fried potatoes and your signature Bengali Alu Posto is ready.

We’re sure you’ll love this recipe and come back to it again and again.

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