Anushka Sharmas Maharashtrian Platter Will Leave You Craving


From Anushka Sharma’s social media feed, we know that she is a foodie and likes to eat spicy food from different cuisines. This Sunday, Anushka decided to eat traditional Maharashtrian food served on a banana leaf. He shared a picture on Instagram Store where we see Baran rice (pulses and rice) with dolps of top (ghee) and masala bhat (rice dish) cooked in a range of vegetables like masala and green peas. His “natural” dish features some fun curry, lancha and Arabic k patte ke pakode. He added a sticker that read, “Time for food.”


Baran Bhat is a traditional Maharashtrian dish that is served on numerous festivals and important occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi and Gudi Parwa. If you want to make it, click here for the recipe. Another great rice dish that you can make at home is masala rice. It is a one-pot dish that is the staple food of most Maharashtrian get-togethers.

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Anushka Sharma shared a video of making a jam on Instagram a few months ago, revealing that it was shot during the 2020 lockdown. For the jam in the video, Anushka first goes to collect fresh tomatoes in her kitchen garden. She comes back with a basket of tomatoes and washes it under a faucet. The tomatoes are then cut into pieces and placed in ice water. After she peels the tomatoes she starts cooking them in a pan. She then adds sugar, salt and other spices, as well as lemon juice. Eventually, he was seen eating bread with his family.

Anushka Sharma is a fan of South Indian food. Once, he shared a picture of Podi Dosa and made us hungry. Her crisp delight was surrounded by coconut chutney and peanut chutney. At his table, we also see oranges, a dish that looks like vermicelli, a spicy curry and a green dip. He added, “Podi Dosa”, and added a slurp emoji and a pink heart emoji.

Once, Anushka Sharma also ate a full-fledged sadh-style meal served on a banana leaf. Actress Thatu Dosa enjoys a delicious banana flower curry – a popular dish in South India. Drumsticks were also prepared and a banana was placed on his plate. Anushka captioned the film, “Delicious”.

Anushka Sharma, we look forward to your next gastronomic adventure.



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