April Fools’ Day: Know the history, significance of pranking people on 1st April and how to celebrate


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April Fool’s Day is celebrated on April 1 every year


  • The most traditional way to celebrate April Fools is to make fun of people
  • April Fools’ Day is celebrated on April 1 of each year
  • Historians estimate that the date of April Fools is around 1582

Come April 1st and everyone will try to prank you by shouting ‘this is April Fools’. Although the April Fools’ tradition has been around for many years, many of us can’t help but be fooled by our colleagues and family members on this day. Before we try to plan our jokes, is it important to understand what April Fools are and where and how people celebrate it?

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Origin of April flowers

There is controversy over when and how April Fools’ Day began to be celebrated. According to rd.com, the following quote from a 1708 letter to Britain’s Apollo Magazine, “Where did the April flower-making tradition begin?”

Historians also speculate that the April flowering dates to around 1582. This was at a time when France was changing from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. It is said that the day was first celebrated in Europe. The first mention of April Fool’s Day in Britain was in 1686, when biographer John Aubrey described April 1st as “the holy day of fools.”

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When April Fool’s Day 2022

April Fool’s Day always falls on the first of April.

April Fool’s Day

April Fools’ is marked by jokes with people around you, be it your coworkers, family or friends.

Other meanings behind April Fools

In Greece, the April Fools are said to have successfully cheated on someone, bringing prankster good luck for the whole year. In some parts of the country, April 1 rains are known to have healing potential, reports rd.com.

How can you celebrate April Fools?

Try playing a light joke with someone this April Fool’s Day but don’t overdo the joke. If you are not good at following or think you can’t hold a lying suit for long, be careful if someone tries to fish with you. They may want to make fun of you on the occasion of April Fools.



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