Aviary Cocktail Nest Is The Newest Insta-Worthy Place In Delhi


Going out at night is a very important weekend event for our Delhiites! It gives a feeling of liberation from the monotony of daily life. We look for new and exciting places to check out, hoping to be overwhelmed by the pleasurable experience that will leave us wanting even more! In search of places to explore in Delhi, we stumbled upon the newly opened Aviary Cocktail Nest in Sake, New Delhi, and the lounge’s lip-smacking fusion food, outdoor setting and delicious cocktails offer the ideal escape for a night out.

Inspired by its name, the interior of the lounge is designed with bright colors and floral designs influenced by birds found in nature. Even food and drink have been curated with the theme of birds in mind!

Since the place is popular for cocktails, we decided to start with drinks. We had Experiment No. 9, Garden, Gin and Tonic, Go Green and Battle Blush. Each and every drink had a delicious flavor with a lively flavor, however, it was the presentation that won our hearts! We recommend using Beetle Blush, Go Green and Gin & Tonic.

The food menu offers a new take on fusion with foods like Mac and Cheese Spheres, Red Mas Tortelini, Thai Herb Chicken Dimsam and Mini Bani Chao. The mac and cheese balls were crispy on the outside, creamy mac and cheese filling on the inside, giving the cheese balls and the perfect blend of mac and cheese. Mutton stuffed tortillas were served in red mas gravy to serve red mas turtleini. Juicy pieces of chicken dumplings were served in flavored red Thai curry sauce to serve Thai Herb Chicken Dimsam. And, Delhi’s classic mother’s kulcha gets a fusion twist with Mini Bani Chao. If you are a fan of fusion food then these well thought out fusion delicacies will be your favorite!


We also indulge in Exotic Vegetable Dumplings, Rainbow Roll Sushi, Spicy Salmon Sushi, Chicken Tikka 2 Wes and Butter Chili Garlic Prawns. Asian food lovers will definitely enjoy these dishes. Despite trying so much food, we could not cover the menu!

We finished the meal with hot apple crumble and chocolate fondant. The apple sliced ​​sliced ​​sliced ​​sliced ​​sliced ​​sliced ​​chocolate was a fancy dessert that you must try here. The dessert is covered with a hill of cotton candy, which is then baked to reveal the chocolate lava cake at the bottom. The whole presentation of this dessert is quite Instagram-worthy!

The Aviary Cocktail Nest creates a beautiful place with its picture-perfect food presentation and colorful decor. We recommend visiting this place for good drinks, good food and good fun!



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