Batan Papdi Chaat And More: 5 Papdi Chaat Recipes For Weekend Indulgence


Fragrant and spicy spices define the Indian palate. Agree? Nack Hall for Street Snacks is an ever-present and growing phenomenon that has completely immersed Indians in a chat hangover. The street side chat is something that can attract you as soon as you walk past a stall that is serving some lively, color and taste chat. Chaat is an umbrella that contains a myriad of spices and ingredients, one of the most popular and prominent being petals. Made with semolina and flour, the petals act as an additive that gives the flavor buds a balanced taste. A conventional petal lick has, over time, changed in terms of recipes, suitable for those who want to put lick petals on their menu.

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So, here are five recipes for petal chaat that nurture the essence of chaat.

Petal Chaat: Taking a food snobs on popular Indian street food

1. Papadi Chaat: Original

Originally and arguably the best, this recipe contains ingredients that have established the petal lick, a favorite street food snack. Top with spices, sweet yogurt and pomegranate, this recipe is worth a try.

2. Kuttu petal lick: Navratri special

Celebrated twice a year across the country, Navratri has profound and immense religious significance in India. The diet that is followed during this nine-day celebration excludes regular use of wheat and corn flour. This is replaced by buckwheat and water chestnut flour. But, can a chat lover stay away from their favorite food for nine whole days? We don’t think so. So, this Kuttu petal lick will be your palm companion during Navratri celebration.

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3. Batan petal lick: Sindhi style

Made with a toast of flour dipped in a flood of tong sauce and spices, this Sindhi style papdi chaat is bound to create a special place in your heart. Garnish with coriander, mint or save and all you get is a plate full of satiety.

4. Keto papdi chaat

Being health conscious has its own huge benefits. However, the scale also tends towards inconvenience. Example? Stay away from your favorite snack for a while. But if we say how many petals lick there is something?

5. Potato petals

We conclude this article with a recipe that contains one of the most eaten ingredients. Yes, we are talking about potatoes. Potato Petals is an Indian version of Nachos which is topped with various ingredients. So don’t wait, and start cooking.



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