May 19, 2024

Best Health Drink Powders for Children above Five Years


Nowadays, most parents are worried about their children’s health and growth, they try so many things to provide them nutrition so that their kids do not face any issue or problem in their growing years.

It is very important for a child to get proper growth and development at the same time.

There are many health drinks that have nutrition that helps children in their growth year to get proper growth and development.

Here is some of the best health drink available for children’s above five years.

Popular Health Drink Powders for Kids:


1. Cadbury Bournvita

Cadbury Bournvita is a melted mixed chocolate energy drink for children above five years. One can drink this healthy drink with milk and hot water.

The powder is mixed with essential vitamin B and vitamin D. Bournvita also contains rich calcium and some other nutrients that will boost your health and help in your growth and development.

This drink offers you a healthy start to your day by adding all the essential components or nutrients to your health drink. Bournvita helps in the perfect flow of oxygen and nutrition in your body and helps eliminate the toxic and waste products from your body. Bournvita is known as the best health drink.

2. Horlicks

Horlicks is one of the most popular health drinks in India. Horlicks contains a significant amount of calcium, which helps to keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy for a very long time.

It contains iron, which boosts the creation of blood cells in the body and increases the hemoglobin level in the blood that is the reason people prefer Horlicks more than any other health drink.

It contains the anti-oxidant particle; vitamin E helps protect your body’s cells and makes you feel fresh and energetic all day long.

Another element that Horlicks contains is zinc that helps in healing wounds and keeps the skin healthy, soft, and glowing.

One of the major plus points of Horlicks is that it contains zero percent sugar in it. That is why Horlicks is popular among mothers; Horlicks is available on online sites like Big Basket, Amazon, etc.


3. Boost Nutritional Drink

People who need extra nutrition that they can add-on to their traditional meals like meal-replacement supplements can use Boost Nutritional Drinks.

For children above five years, those who need proper vitamins and nutrition for their growth and development or gain weight, Boost Nutritional Drink is perfect for them. It helps in weight gain, development, and growth.

Boost Nutritional Drink also gives you some supplementary and important nutrition to the youngsters. Boost’s best thing is that it tastes really good, that is why youngster easily takes it.

Now one can order Boost from online sites like JioMart, Amazon, and BigBasket, etc. by using Flipkart coupon code, Big Basket offers, and Amazon Pantry Offers to get a hefty discount on your purchase.

4. PediaSure

Most of the product claims that they are best for children, but PediaSure makes sure that it has high-quality protein and some essential vitamins and minerals for children.

The nutrients and vitamins that are present in Pediasure are necessary for the growth and development of children in their growth years. Besides all the vitamin and rich protein, it tastes really tasty.

Pediasure can be considered a delicious health drink when it comes to children’s many doctors who also prescribe Pediasure in children’s growth years. Preparing Pediasure is simple and easy.

You need to mix it with hot water and shake it well until it does not get properly mixed.

PediaSure is one of the most trusted brands for children’s health drink.

5. Nestle Resource Opti

Nestle resource opti is one of the best health drinks for children above five years. It comes in vanilla flavor, mostly added with 100% whey rich protein, which helps children have proper growth and development in their initial growing years; it contains milk protein, vitamins, minerals, and many more elements.

This health drink includes a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that is very important for a child’s growth—Nestle resource opti. Health drink is especially good for kids those who may have eating disorders or facing any problem in their growth as if they are underweight.

It may not taste that good, but very beneficial for children for growth and development. Nestle resource is now available on online grocery sites like Big Basket, Goffers, etc.



Nowadays, it is really important to add supplements and additional nutrients to food. People usually use health drink powders for their children’s growth because one can have so many benefits in only one health drink.

Above mentioned health drinks are some of the best health drink for children above five years. If one is looking for the best health drink powders for their children, they need to look at this Blog.