Beyond Majnu Ka Tila, 10 Places That Offer Best Of Tibetan Food In Delhi


If you often find yourself wandering the streets of Majnu Ka Tiller, you must be a true Tibetan food lover. The colony, also known as Little Tibet, provides the best food in Tibet at affordable prices. But if you have already visited all the restaurants and cafes there, including AMA Cafe and Rigo Cafe, you will see a whole new world of Shapta, Momo and Thupka in the rest of Delhi and fall in love.

Here are some of the most exciting places in Delhi, except Majnu Ka Tila where you can go and try some delicious Tibetan food.


Not too far from Manju Ka Tila, Laughing Wala Hall in Kamala Nagar Market near the North Campus of Delhi University is another hangout for students, trying the famous Laughing Noodles. Luffin is a special Tibetan-style noodles, made with starch of beans or lentils and served cold and spicy. If you visit Laughing Walla, be sure to try Kimchi Laughing.

Average cost: R 150 for two (approx.)

Yeti – Himalayan Kitchen

For a more luxurious experience, visit multiple Yeti restaurants in Delhi. And just go for the Tibetan platter featuring Gyuma, Lowa, Cheley, Shapta and Tingmo. All of them have to die for dumplings.

Average cost: INR 450 per order (approx.)

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That’s great! Momo

Steamed from pan fire and deep fried, wow! Momo is Lodhi Colony The ultimate place to try Momo’s huge varotu. Looking for something different? Go for their Moberg – Momo stuff inside the burger bread!

Average cost: US IN 400 for two (approximately)

Dr. Talking Pots – Your Asian Kitchen

This restaurant in SDA Market is the place to stay for some delicious Tibetan food. Give them a try and don’t miss the Sue My Chicken Dumplings.

Average cost: US IN 350 per order (approx.)

Lama kitchen

Lama Kitchen Hall House Khaj Village offers a healthy dining experience with a surreal view of green vegetables. Whenever you are there, try pork momos and Tibetan yak butter tea.

Average cost: INR 1500 for about two people.

Kujing in Tibet

For a cheap Tibetan meal, go to Tibet Cujing in Mukherjee Nagar, North Delhi for plain momo, thupka noodles and fried rice.

Average cost: R 100 for about two people.

Ladakhi kitchen

The people of Gurugram do not have to go to Majnu Ka Tila; They can enjoy the same taste of their favorite food in Gurugram. Ladakhi kitchen where they have to go. Try the Tibetan Momo and Shapta there.

Average cost: INR 750 for two (approx

Cafe Lunta

Another great alternative to Tibetan food in Gurugram is Cafe Lunta. Their stay Thai will treat you to some authentic Tibetan flavors.

Average cost: R 1,200 for two (approximately)

Yo Tibet

You will find the best laughing here in South Delhi. Lighting their Kothey momos is a must try. A true Tibetan gastronomical journey awaits at Yo Tibet in the village of Humanunpur in the Safdarjung Enclave
দুই 500 for two (approx.)

La kitchen

Authentic vintage atmosphere with delicious food, this place is a little Tibet in itself. La Kitchen in Safdarjung Enclave is one of the best places for authentic Tibetan food. Soup momos are a must to order.

600 for two (approximately)

If you call yourself a true Tibetan food lover then you should try these places. Be sure to comment here about the places you visited.



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