Bhumi Pednekar Explains The Benefits Of Eating In The Great Indian Thali


Bhoomi Pednekar is an actress who does not hesitate to do anything for the environment. He became a vegetarian during the lockdown, as he revealed in an Instagram post that eating animals no longer feels right. However, the actress is undoubtedly a huge foodie and she is often seen eating a variety of foods. Recently, he shared a picture of his desi food plate on Instagram and explained why he still prefers to eat on a stainless steel plate. The reason was his eating habits as well as his concern for the environment! Read on to know more about it.

Bhumi Pednekar shared a picture that looks like a steel plate with different sections filled with different foods. There was white cumin rice on the coriander leaves and dried spicy curry on the side. Another section was dal makhani with cream. There was also Bundi Raita decorated with coriander. Discussing the benefits of using such plates for his food, Bhumi Pednekar writes, “Durable, reusable, helps control portions and is hassle-free. Great Indian Thali. “He added that he has been eating on this Thali for many years because of its numerous benefits, and has never used any other means of eating.” I can’t do more than one katori, plate, etc., ”he said in his post. Let’s see:


“What’s on your plate?” Bhumi Pednekar shared the photo in answer to the question.

Isn’t her post inspiring? We can all take notes from the land pedneker and go back to our roots and embrace the simple way of life and eat food on a simple plate as we always did.

Bhumi Pednekar seems to be a fan of home cooked food. During the winter, she shared a picture of her “best winter food” and it looked lovely. The food consisted of potato mata mixed curry and maki ki roti. Take a look here.

Bhumi Pednekar has a strong preference for Indian food. He started the new year on a delicious note. Bhumi was vacationing at a hill station with her close friends and family. She had a delicious feast and shared a glimpse of it with us on Instagram. His plate of food consisted of three delicious dishes, some of which were rich and delicious, such as lentils and wholemeal bread. We can also see a delicious tikki chaat with lots of yoghurt, save, and tongs and burning chutney on top. Click here to learn more about it.

Although Bhumi Pednekar follows a proper fitness regime to stay healthy, sometimes he falls prey to instincts and treats himself to delicious sweets. Just a few days ago, he roared at some lip-smacking waffles. She shared a picture of waffles garnished with chocolate sauce and topped with strawberries and blueberries. There were also a few bowls of syrup. Read more about it here.

Land Pednecker’s food diary is interesting and relevant, as are the reasons and arguments behind it. Don’t you agree Tell us the comments. On the work front, Bhumi Pednekar was last seen in ‘Badhai Do’ opposite Prince Rao. The film has received rave reviews from critics and viewers alike.



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