Bipasha Basu In A Dilemma Over This “Sweet” Surprise; See Pic


When it comes to staying in shape, not all celebrities rely on extremely limited meal plans. There are some who let loose once in a while and give in to temptation, although that means staying in the gym for a few more hours later. And this is exactly why we caress Bipasha Basu! The actress is a self-proclaimed foodie and does not mind eating her taste buds at once. She has an endless love for traditional Indian sweets – her criminal joy. So, when a box of Matichur Laddu from Lucknow reached her Mumbai home, the actress was confused.

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Bipasha Basu was heard sharing a video of her mouth watering sweet on Instagram Store, saying, “I don’t know if my friend Ayaz and Jannat love me. They brought them from Lucknow. ” After a short pause, he continued, “You know what happens to me when I see these things. Lord protect me.” Take a look at the mouth watering sweets here:


Screengrab from an Instagram story by Bipasha Basu.

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Although Bipasha Basu is a foodie, she maintains a balance between her diet and her training program. Repeatedly he peeks us into his culinary adventures. The actress recently shared her desi food diary with us. We could see paratha and dried potato mata dish in the photo. There was also a bowl of masala dal. We could see a large bowl of curry and rice on the table. There was another side dish that seemed to be made with potatoes. “Food coma”, Bipasha captioned the photo. Take a look here.

Bipasha Basu and her husband, actor Karan Singh, enjoyed a beautiful cake on Valentine’s Day. Like Bipasha, Karan is also an emotional foodie. Valentine’s Day dessert is a multilayer cake with a cream filling and crumb coat on top with exotic fruits like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” said the cake topper, with “Monkey Love” written on it. Click here to see Bipasha and Karan’s delicious Valentine’s Day treat.

Bipasha Basu’s food diaries are very adorable.



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