Boat-shaped with Brahma Kamal: PM Modi’s cap at Dhami’s swearing-in ceremony speaks of Uttarakhand’s tradition


Photo source: ANI

Prime Minister Modi wears the traditional hat of Uttarakhand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has continued the tradition of wearing headgear from different states and cultures. On Wednesday, he was present at the swearing-in ceremony of Pushkar Singh Dhami as the 11th Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, along with Union Minister Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief JP Nadda. For the event, Prime Minister Modi was seen wearing a hat with Uttarakhand’s ‘Brahma Kamal’, the state flower of Uttarakhand that blooms in the hills. The hat is shaped like a boat, black, and has an embossed Brahma lotus.

Brahma lotus flower

The flower, which blooms just after sunset, has purple flower heads tied in the shape of a boat and green-yellow petals. This flower blooms only once a year between August and mid-September. This flower is usually used for worship. Brahma gives lotus flowers while worshiping sacred temples like Kedarnath and Badrinath. It means ‘Brahma’s lotus’. Not only that, flowers have many medicinal properties. Locals use it to heal wounds and cuts.

Prime Minister Modi had earlier worn the cap on Republic Day 2022

This is not the first time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worn the traditional hat of Uttarakhand. Earlier, on the 73rd Republic Day, 26th January, he was seen wearing a cap with the theft of Manipur. Fascinated by the MPs’ likes and fashions, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has expressed “deep gratitude” to Modi on behalf of the 1.25 crore people of Uttarakhand.

India TV - Prime Minister Modi

Photo source: PTI

Prime Minister Modi on the Republic Day 2022



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