Brazil Health Ministry Website Hit by Hackers, COVID-19 Vaccination Data Targeted


Brazil’s health ministry says its website was hit by a hacker attack on Friday that destroyed several systems, one containing information on the national immunization program and the other used to issue digital immunization certificates.

The government has suspended for a week the implementation of new health requirements for passengers arriving in Brazil due to the attack.

The health ministry said in a statement on Friday that it had encountered an incident that temporarily compromised some of its systems … which are currently unavailable, “it said in a statement.

Police said they were investigating the attack.

Alleged hackers have posted a message on their website calling themselves “lapsus $ group” that internal data has been copied and deleted.

The message, along with e-mail and telegram contact information, was deleted by Friday afternoon, but the web page was still closed when user data from the ConectSUS app, which provides Brazilians with vaccination certificates, disappeared.

The ministry said it was working to restore its systems. At a news conference, Deputy Health Minister Rodrigo Cruz said access to vaccination information was not yet available until Friday evening. Cruz said it was too early to say whether the data was lost.

Immigrant travelers arriving in Brazil will have to be segregated for five days and tested for COVID-19, after President Zaire Bolsonaro decided on Tuesday to oppose the use of a vaccine passport.

The requirement was supposed to start on Saturday, but the government said it would suspend it for a week after the attack because vaccination data was not accessible online.

COVID-19 tracing forms for the arrival of airline passengers were still available on the health regulator Anvisa website, which was not noticed.

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