Celebrations at Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu’s college; teachers, students rejoice her victory


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Miss Universe 2021 celebrated at Harnaz Sandhur College; Teachers and students are celebrating his victory


  • Harnaz Sandhu, 21, won the Miss Universe 2021 crown
  • The Chandigarh-based model is pursuing her postgraduate degree in public administration
  • Harnaz goes for higher studies at PG Government College for Girls, Chandigarh

After bringing home the Miss Universe 2021 crown, 21-year-old Harnaz Sadhu has made the whole country proud. After finishing her schooling, Harnaz went on to pursue higher studies at the Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 42, Chandigarh. Upon hearing the news of his victory, the principal, teachers and students of the college were overjoyed and proud. They even celebrated her victory by dancing together on the college campus.

Professor Nisha Agarwal, Principal, GCG 42, told ANI that they are very proud of their students. “We are very proud of Harnaz Sandhu. She was a student of MA Public Administration and from this college she passed BA IT. She was a very good student – sincere, obedient, respectful and very hardworking,” he said. .

Professor Agarwal talks more about his incredible journey. “She wanted to be Miss India and she achieved it. She also participated in Miss World and was selected among the first 10 finalists. Then she participated in Miss India Universe and she won and now she has been crowned Miss Universe. The college is very proud of her. He has made not only India but also Chandigarh as well as the college proud, ”he shared.

He added that Harnaz was also good at academics. “She was a good student. Even though she was participating in Miss Universe, she kept in touch with her teachers and took classes online. She was an intelligent student.” College students also expressed their pride and joy at Harnaz’s achievement.

“Harnaz Di has proven that our seniors serve as our role models. We have learned a lot from him. I am very happy to know that he came from our college. He has inspired us that even if we fail, there is always someone else. Alternatives.” He taught us that failure is a moment to rise and shine, “said Dipanshi Thakur, a student.

“Her victory is a double celebration for us because she has not only made the country proud but also the glory of this college. We congratulate you Didi,” added student Nandini. The 70th Miss Universe 21 has been held in Ilat, Israel. Harnaz has previously won numerous titles including LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2021 and Femina Miss India Punjab 2019. He will also be seen in Punjabi films like ‘Yara Dian Pu Baran’ and ‘Bai Ji Kuttange’.




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